About our shop

We’re an online store specially selling middle and high grade Jadeite Jade (Burma jade) jewelry, Every Jadeite jade jewelry we sold is natural jadeite jade, commonly referred to as A Jade.

We’re in engaged in jadeite jade sales for many year, having the certificated jewelry appraiser and the primary source of goods. We enable you to purchase the high cost efficient jade jewelry with quality assurance as the precondition.

Unlike other jewelries, every natural jade jewelry is unique, cannot be copied. Each jade jewelry is an art craftsmen working on the basis of the original stone. Jade is a comprehensive reflection of the intrinsic value of the arts and sculpture level. With fewer and fewer of the original natural jade stone number. Over the years the value of jade jewelry constantly being improved, and even stir. Jade jewelry is not only a good repair is also a collection of jewelry, you can preserve and even appreciation.

We build up this platform in order to provide Jadeite(Fei Cui)lovers a reliable purchasing channels and a place to discuss. We guarantee that every jadeite jade(Fei Cui)jewelry sold are natural A jade. Every Jadeite Jewelry sold from our store is equipped with professional organizations testing certificate. And you can take the item to your local professional agency for jewelry testing to verify true or false. All items accept to re-inspection all the life.

Pictures of all true things are shot under natural light by Canon camera SLR D650, without modification and beautification. We ‘trying to reflect the feature of every good do my best, but even the best camera cannot do it hundred percent. So, please be careful to buy if you do not accept a little bit of color. You can watch carefully about the size, description and pictures of the good before purchasing. Let it as a strong reference for your purchasing. Please feel free to contact us if you have any problem visa email or online chalk.