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Common knowledge of jadeite

1, what’s jadeite jade?

The jadeite we say is common refer to the jadeite come from Burma. Beside the jadeite come from Burma, Russia, Guatemala and Japan also produce the jadeite. But the quality of the jadeite in these countries is not as good as that in Burma.

2, How to spot the difference: Jade vs jadeite?

The scope of the jade is much larger than the jadeite. The Nephrite and Jadeite are called by joint name Jade. The Nephrite including white jade, green jade and dark jade. There are some typical Nephrite, such as Hetian jade, Afghan jade, Taiwan jade and Russian jade.

3,What are the characteristics of natural jadeite?

This is a big topic. Now let’s start with these points. And these also the most important point to pay more attention when judging and purchasing the natural jadeite. Usually the certificate of the jadeite jewelries will show these data:

Hardness scope:6.5-6.7,

Density: 3.33, a

Refractive Index: 1.66

Absorption Spectrum: Jadeite Characteristic Spectrum

4, How many colors does the natural jadeite contain?



Emerald green

Fresh Green

Pure Green

Apple Green

Light Green

Blue Green

Dark Green

Gray Green


Pure Blue

Gray Blue

Dark Blue




Purple (violet)




White or clear



Three color Jadeite, this usually refer to the white, purple, green in one jadeite jewelries.

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