How to classify the species of the jadeite?

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When we taking about the knowledge about the species of the jadeite, we have to say two questions first. One is how to classify the jadeite species, another is what the old species and young species in jadeite. In fact, the species we talked is refer to the transparency of the jadeite in term.

1, Glass species: complete transparent, glass luster. Hard to see the crystalline structure by eyes.

The glass species jadeite have the highest price in the market;

2, Ice species: transparent, such as water or ice. The crystalline structure< o.5mm-0.1 mm, the semi-transparent texture is also classified to be the ice species. The ice species jadeite have the high price and high investment value in the market;

3, Ice waxy jadeite: almost nontransparent. Can see the crystalline structure by eyes, granule texture (<1mm-0.5mm). Sometimes a jadeite jewelry will have 2 species, one half is the ice species,

other half is ice waxy jadeite. And that doesn’t like someone said the ice waxy jadeite don’t have value, in fact the ice waxy jadeite, especially the ice waxy bangle has good value and price in the market.

4, Waxy jadeite: complete nontransparent. The crystalline structure is loose. Can see the crystalline structure by eyes, has a lot of cotton. The granule texture (<2mm-1mm). The waxy jadeite is the low price kind in jadeite jewelries. But the waxy jadeite also has the good price if it has very good color, such as pure green, violet or red.

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