What’s the old species and young species of the jadeite? How to distinguish that?

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This is an important question as that the old/young species of the jadeite is the important factor

that influence the price of the jadeite jewelries directly. Firstly, let’s talk about what’s the old species jadeite? What’s the young species jadeite? With the industry term, the old species jadeite is always described as” come from the old pit”. In fact, the old species jadeite refer to the formation and evolution of the jadeite in the underground for a long time, and vice versa. They have some characteristics, such as have good transparency, and even can see fluorescence, have little of cotton. Please note that every jadeite has cotton, but it’s only a matter of less or much. The old species has the high hardness, so they have the strong reflected light similar the metal gloss. On the other hand, the young species has a less long time of formation and evolution underground. So the species is young, they always looks less transparent and have some cotton, and the gloss is not as good as the old species jadeite. Now, the old species jadeite are more and more expensive as the amount is less and less. So this kinds of jadeite have the high investment value in the market.

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